Support and Consulting

Being a partner means being present and, at Clínica do Site, more than receiving phone calls and emails, we do them. It’s part of our DNA to be proactive – we’re part of your team.

We speak your language

It’s terrible when you want to solve a situation and on the other side they’re just explaining technical details (or sometimes not even that)… believe me, even being technical, that also costs us – even because most of the time it doesn’t solve anything! At Clínica do Site we try to know who we are talking to and we speak the same language – that of someone who has a small business and knows that there are things that cannot wait.

We are proactive

In a small business, resources are scarce and the tasks immense. Sometimes this prevents you from creating a mailing, looking at an SEO report or preparing an AdWords campaign in time… One of the cares we took when designing our process was that it work proactively so that you can monetize our service even if you don’t have time.

Simple and effective communication

Just send us a simple email to place an order… but to ensure the correct handling and follow-up of your order, your email is automatically processed and measured by a system that guarantees the correct execution by the responsible person in our team. .

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