Social Media Management

The quick adoption of social networks opens up numerous possibilities for brands to communicate. But it also raises new challenges. We connect your brand to people.

Present and active

The presence on social networks has become mandatory – it is like being able to have a store in the centre of the city or in the busiest shopping centre and simply having a poster saying “Closed!”… That doesn’t make sense because our team combines others services with the management of social networks, in order to be able to present a uniform communication in the various online channels, such as social networks.

Viral with a good image

If there is anything powerful in the communication of a product or service, it is the “word of mouth” – and it is great when, for example, your client mentions to a potential buyer how good your service was… but it may not be as good when someone public complains about your product or service and even worse: when someone complains to their 1000 Facebook friends.

Social with your clients

From social networks that almost all human beings with a computer use (Ex: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) to niche-oriented social networks (Flixter, Linkedin, it is increasingly easy to publicise the image, services or products of your company… but it is also increasingly difficult to control these elements as they are usually disclosed by users outside the company. Our team monitors, manages and supports you in your company’s social interactions.

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