Email Marketing

When properly used, the sending of campaigns is still one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. We get your message across: mailings are sent using dedicated Email Marketing software, shipping statistics and conversion rates are analysed to optimise future shipments.

Measure to improve

In addition to creating an exclusive image for your newsletters, we manage your recipients list correctly. We make it possible for users to subscribe to the list from the website, end a subscription and share on social networks without their employees having any work.

Newsletter on Facebook

Send it to a thousand people and let them share it with their contacts. Our email sending system allows your recipients to share the email received on social networks, increasing the reach of your campaigns and improving the relevance of your website in search engines.

We are MailChimp experts

It is not enough to have good tools – it is necessary to know how to use all the resources at our disposal to offer a truly differentiating solution to our clients. So, you know that you have specialists in the best Web tool for managing and sending email lists and newsletters and that your communication via email will have the best results.

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