Content Marketing

The main reason people access the Internet (and your website) is content. In addition to people, search engines like Google also see your information and products, or, even, the comments of your users.

Always updated

Google constantly changes the criteria that dictate the relevance of the websites and that changes the order in which the websites are presented in search results. Our team knows this and reviews your website to stay relevant.

Always optimised

Did you know that your site may have a low relevance and it is not your fault?… Criteria such as the quality of the links that lead to your website, the duration of your domain registration or the response time of the server where the site is hosted, are fundamental factors for a good positioning on the research results… And yes, our team takes this into account.

The difference is in the details

Everything counts: the content and its organisation, the navigation of the website, the quality of the code of the pages, the external links that lead to your website, the presence of pages in the social networks’ shares… Don’t worry: we know that everything counts!

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