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Having a website is just a small step for your business to be found on the Internet. With the exponential increase in the number of websites and social networks, your website or online store is seen as a drop in the ocean. To change that, you need an SEO strategy that will move you up in the search results of the main keywords.

This service includes on-site (direct optimisation of the structure and contents of your site, pages and products) and off-site SEO (monitoring keywords, links, etc.), outlining a strategy tailored to your site or online store. But because it is not enough for users to reach your site, this service includes the optimisation of conversions for the defined goals (sales, subscriptions, registrations, etc.).

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  • Survey of the structure and content problems of the website for the number of pages subscribed
  • Identification of the backlinks to the chosen pages
  • Identification of keywords with greater potential and profitability
  • Sending monthly report with rankings for chosen keywords
  • Conversion optimisation for the goals defined on the chosen pages
  • All optimisations are applied to mobile and desktop
  • Whenever, due to technical or logistical limitations, it is not possible to implement SEO optimisation or conversion, the detailed recommendation will be sent in writing
  • How long does it take to see results?
    Our team will start work immediately and all changes will be documented and sent by email, but SEO is a type of service that does not produce immediate results, although they are long-lasting. Depending on your market and level of competition, it may take 3 to 6 months for you to see visible results.
  • If I have more than 10 pages to optimise how can I subscribe to the service?
    If you have more than 10 pages, you can subscribe to various quantities of the service. For example, if you want our team to optimize SEO and keywords for 15 pages, you can subscribe once for 10 pages and once for 5 pages.
  • Does your service support any CMS?
    We can say that we support almost 99% of CMS. In other words, the experience of our team allows us to seamlessly use various content management platforms, using various technologies (.NET, PHP, Java, etc.). However, not all CMSs allow the implementation of best practices and if your CMS does not allow a specific implementation, our team will send you the respective optimisation recommendation.

Customer Testimonials

The Site Clinic is excellent, we have complete confidence in the team, the service is 5 stars, and the quality of the work is reflected in the results of our website in attracting new customers.
Andre Caiado - Contacto Atlantico
After 5 failed attempts with other website development companies/professionals, I was finally satisfied. They created a website that perfectly reflects our objective!
Filipe Martins - Power Foods
I have already purchased several services at Clínica do Site and I was very satisfied with the level of professionalism and promptness in responding to my requests. I strongly recommend it!
Fabiana Coelho - FLC Digital Consulting

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