Competitor SEO analysis

Don’t be left behind! We do a complete analysis of the website and SEO of competitors that you refer us to or, if you prefer, we suggest which competitors may be gaining a slice of your customers online.

By gaining a more concrete sense of what your competition does, you will be able to implement the necessary actions to raise your goals. You can compare with your current situation and more easily identify what you need to improve, or what aspects you should highlight if they are superior.

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  • We compare your competitors’ rankings with yours for the main keywords
  • We identify where the links to your competitors’ websites come from, thereby increasing their rankings
  • We analyse the failures of your competitors’ websites compared to your website
  • We identified and compared various technical characteristics of websites so that you can identify and define the areas in which you should improve.
  • All information is documented, compiled and sent with explanations to users without SEO knowledge
  • Access to Google Analytics (or other access logging software)
  • Access to Google Search Console
  • Optionally: Identification of competitors to be analysed
  • Do I need technical knowledge to read the reports?
    No. Although the reports include technical data, they are duly explained for easy reading, so that you can take action to improve your values in relation to the competition.
  • How long does it take to send the reports with the results?
    Between 3 and 5 days after payment of the service. During this period, our team collects information from various softwares to build the reports and will explain the various values tailored to each Client.
  • If I don’t have Google Analytics or Google Search Console configured, can I get the service done?
    Yes, but the information we deliver will be more complete if you have both properly configured on your web site. In addition to that you can monitor and improve the evolution of your website. If you do not have any of these configured, we suggest purchasing this service together with the competition analysis.

Customer Testimonials

The Site Clinic is excellent, we have complete confidence in the team, the service is 5 stars, and the quality of the work is reflected in the results of our website in attracting new customers.
Andre Caiado - Contacto Atlantico
After 5 failed attempts with other website development companies/professionals, I was finally satisfied. They created a website that perfectly reflects our objective!
Filipe Martins - Power Foods
I have already purchased several services at Clínica do Site and I was very satisfied with the level of professionalism and promptness in responding to my requests. I strongly recommend it!
Fabiana Coelho - FLC Digital Consulting

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