Register the brand before you start selling

Registering a trademark allows you to safely invest in its promotion and use, preventing third parties from using it.

What is the brand concept, how is it distinguished in the market and how to convert the concept into value. These are some of the questions that must be answered before betting on the foreign market. After that, the next step is to register to score. During the conference “New Latitudes – Practices for the internationalisation of SMEs”, which took place at the Museu do Oriente, in Lisbon, intellectual property specialist João Laborinho Lúcio answered the six questions that must be asked before thinking about internationalisation, because “A brand is worthless if it is not protected”.

What will we protect as a brand?
We can register the name, the image, the signature. Pedro Raposo & Associados’ lawyer advises having at least one image associated with the name, as this makes the brand stronger and more identifiable.

How do I know that my brand is not registered?
It is necessary to do research, know the market where we want to go and find out if there are similar brands, which can hinder our registration process, therefore increasing costs.

Where will I register my trademark?
There are three types of trademark registrations that can be made: national registration, Community registration (which covers the countries of the European Union) and international registration (this is not, however, a registration covering the whole world. It involves countries that are part of agreements international organitzations, where the EU can function only as a country; it can also imply that national registrations are made in certain countries). There is always a need to go through the national registration before the international registration; in the community registration this is not necessary.

What products and services will I protect with my brand?
First, it is necessary to identify the product class and, within the class, it is necessary to clearly identify the products.

What should I expect from the registration process?
You must wait … wait, as with any other process. In addition, you should expect costs. A national trademark registration (online order) costs 123 euros, plus 30 euros for an additional class (if the brand covers more than one class of products or services). A Community trademark registration costs 900 euros. Finally, an international trademark registration costs no less than 765 euros, to which are added any national fees for the country to which you intend to enter.

What do I get with the trademark registration?
Registering a trademark allows you to safely invest in the promotion and use of the sign (name, image, signature). In addition, it implies the right to its exclusive use, and may prevent third parties from using an identical sign.